Tina Owen: Entering the Blogging Universe

So today is the day. I am entering the blogging universe for the very first time. I am not quite sure why people blog or how people blog, but I have been told time and time again that I need to blog. So, here I go….

You probably know me already (since you’re reading my blog!), but just in case you don’t, here’s just a little bit about me.

I am the Lead Teacher at The Alliance School in Milwaukee, a small public high school started with the mission of putting a stop to bullying and teaching others how to do the same. The Alliance School has been around for eight years now, and we are proud to say that we are an amazingly diverse and accepting environment for students of all different backgrounds, abilities, and beliefs.  Our tagline at Alliance is “A place where it’s okay to be black, white, gay, straight, gothic, Buddhist, Christian, or just plain unique,” so I hope to share stories through this blog of how we bring that vision to life.

I look forward to sharing many, many stories with you. If you don’t see me writing enough, get on me about it. These stories are important, because it is through our stories that we truly connect and change the world. There is a Buddhist quote at the heart of everything we do at Alliance. It says “If you can see yourself in others, whom can you harm?” We keep this quote in mind, as we strive to build community at Alliance, through story sharing, peacemaking circles, restorative justice, and joyful celebration. I hope you will see your own story in the stories that I share, and perhaps these stories will take us just a little further along the path of peace and understanding in the world.

Thanks for connecting!



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