Students can sometimes be the very best advocates for the teaching profession. Here’s a few shout-outs to MPS teachers from none other than their appreciative students.

Dear Ms. Schaerf: you are the best teacher ever. You push me so far ever since I came into your class I knew I was going to do better. All I want to say is thank you.

Fernwood Montessori
I’mma let everyone else finish what they gotta say—but Kibiwi is the best Calculus teacher of all time! 

The best teacher ever!!!
The best teacher I appreciate is called Ms. Burrus. I think she is the best teacher because she makes us learn that learning is fun, and is important for your future. I am glad to have her as a teacher.

Mrs. Chapman
Mrs. Chapman- YOU ARE THE BEST! You teach us RESPECT and GIVE so GENEROUSLY!!

Ms. Anderson at Doerfler School
I appreciate Ms. Anderson in every way. Kids all over the school wish they had Ms. Anderson as a teacher. She teaches us many things but she makes it very easy to learn it. Ms. Anderson is the best teacher ever. We do everything to make Ms. Anderson happy. I love her. I had Ms. Anderson ever since 2nd grade and even though it’s an opinion that she is the best teacher ever, I really think it should be a fact.

Mr. Goeb is the best math teacher. ^-^  Funniest and cool teacher, good at teaching math at the same time as keeping the class fun and funny. You’re the most goofiest teacher and a good teacher. I miss Mr. Goeb, wish I could have him again – the best 6th grade math teacher I had!

Thank You Mrs. Widmann for being the best teacher ever. You helped me through all my problems with my friends and you helped me pass fourth grade. I don’t know what I would do without you. You are always there for me and you never let me down. I wish that you were my teacher every year through high school and everything. I appreciate everything that you have done for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH MRS. WIDMANN. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!

Mr. Boettcher
I really appreciate what Mr. Boettcher has done for me at Bradley Tech. He’s one of the best teachers I’ve had. He knows when I’m down and need someone to talk to. He’s the best U.S History teacher I’ve had thus far.   Thanks (:

# 1 Hero!
Mr. Burgher, here’s a thanks to you for being the best teacher possible. You taught the whole class from right to wrong, and I really appreciate it. I love your funny stories you share, and you always know how to make a class period fun! Mr. Burgher, what I am trying to get across is that you’re the best teacher I’ve had all year. The words nice, funny, caring, and fun are the words that describes you. Thank you for all your support! You’re a real hero.

Thanks Mr. Paworth For All Your Happy Help
Thank you Mr. Paworth teaching me at Albert E. Kagel school and for all your help in FOURTH grade you helped me with all the help I needed. You taught me all the things I needed to know for FIFTH grade and you taught me how to get most of my anger out without hurting anyone or anything so I wanted to tell you that. You were my SECOND best teacher. Just playing with you -you were my FIRST best teacher. Can’t wait to see you again. BBB

These testimonials were originally posted at the MPS Tumblr site at milwaukeemps.tumblr.com


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