C is for Cool!

Students can sometimes be the very best advocates for the teaching profession. Here’s a few shout-outs to MPS teachers from none other than their appreciative students.

I would like to thank Ms. Schafer because she is a very good teacher. She has many cool activities. She has a very good sense of humor. She is a good teacher because she gives us hands-on activity projects. When something is funny she does not just stay serious. I’ve had teachers that you might tell them a joke and they might just not laugh or they might just make you get in trouble for talking out of turn. She is one of the greatest teachers I had.

I thank my teacher Mrs. Shafer because she’s a fun, thoughtful and cool kind of teacher. She keeps learning fun and this is why I like Mrs. Shafer. I go to H.W Longfellow. I’m a new kid but its cool here. I would also like to show my respect to one of the substitute teachers. Her name is Ms. Jude. She’s sweet and super nice. I love a teacher that always has a smile on their face and ready to have fun and educate us. I’m Kevon and these are my thoughts and feelings. I would also like to give a shout out to my other favorite teachers I didn’t want to leave them out.  Mrs. Schimenz and Mrs. Bordas. They are my favorites too because they make us laugh and have a pretty cool time. You’re welcome if you read this.

To Mr. Burgher
Hey Mr. Burgher, I want to say thank you for all those times you screamed at me, I was listening to you. Thank you for your help. I took these life lessons. The other me is gone and now I’m here. Thank you Mr. Burgher. You where a cool teacher.

Ms. Henderson WCCL
Ms. Henderson is really cool, she gives us work that we have to think about the answers. She does not accept no for an answer.

Dear Mr. Gielow,
Thank you for teaching us new kinds of math. Even though we disrupted you, you were cool because you ribbed Alan and the other kids that disrupted like me. But you helped me with some math when I struggled.

These testimonials were originally posted at the MPS Tumblr site at milwaukeemps.tumblr.com


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