“Just” one Milwaukee mom.

If you are reading this then I will presume that you believe school matters. Since you have kept reading I will presume you would like to know what this one Milwaukee mom has to say. I thank you for your curiosity and I will try to keep it interesting.

I am just one Milwaukee mom. I have a hundred-thousand experiences that have led me to my computer at this very moment to introduce myself and I am sure many of them will be covered in future postings. Just starting with the basics- My husband and I met in college and I really did marry my best friend… flashing forward more than a decade: we live near UW-Milwaukee with two cats and our two sons, Big (10 years) & Little (21 months) – our boys provide me the fire to put myself “out there” and the aforementioned experiences the road map for all of the things I get myself into on a regular basis.

I used to introduce myself at parties, meetings, public hearings, etc., as “just a mom.” I admit I used that tone, you know the one that marginalizes my experiences and nullifies my knowledge because my work and time hasn’t been rewarded with wages. About five years ago I discovered and have subsequently exploited – the exceptional value in being ‘just a mom’ especially in the arena of school politics. Since I have nothing to protect (my job, pension, wages, benefits, etc…) I have little to lose in speaking up and out. Since I am not worried about being reelected to any public office- I can advocate and push for things that are in that purple area of politics that neither side really wants to admit – that the majority of citizens reside. Since I am just a mom – no one expects me to be an expert in the field of education and this allows me to play dumb be the devils advocate.

I plan to use this platform to provide parents and community members some guidance on how to plug in to what is going on in MPS and how to get involved. I will share the accomplishments as well my failures in being an “involved parent.”  My seven and a half years as an MPS mom have been as wonderful as they have been infuriating. I will try to showcase what works in MPS, highlight what can be done better and I am not afraid to point out the the all out total breakdowns in the MPS system.  I wouldn’t have our son in an MPS school if I didn’t know that there are successes or if I didn’t have hope that we can and will do better for the children of Milwaukee.

On lighter days I will share some of the things my family loves about living in Milwaukee – having two children so far apart in age gives me a very unique perspective of parenting in the city. 

I am just oneMKEmom – but I know there are others out there (and I will take the non-moms, the dads, teachers, neighbors and any other willing party too)! In advance I offer up my gratitude for your actions (perhaps, I am just a mom with very high expectations), it is going to take much more than reading and blogging for any meaningful change to occur in our city.  The road is long, but there is light and we should get to work.


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