Counting the days until the first day of college

We are counting the days until my son begins college more than 1,000 miles away from home. Exciting for him … not so much for me.  Don’t get me wrong. I am thrilled that he will be attending college in another large city, filled with wild nightlife, drugs, alcohol, beautiful co-eds, a massive football stadium, Major League Baseball team and occasional  classes. But, I’m wondering how much contact I will have with him during the year??

When I went away to college, I wrote my parents every week (for at least the first two weeks!). Should I demand he write me weekly, monthly, every semester, quarterly, at all?  Hmmm.

Better yet, we can text each other constantly! He does that now with friends here at home and new friends he has made via Facebook.  He is already “talking” to people in other states who will be joining him on campus in only a few weeks!! He has already found a roommate!! Yes, that sounds like a plan. I will text him everyday and he can give me a detailed update on what he did that day!! Right! That will work!!

EVEN better yet … we can Skype once or twice a week.  That way I can see if he is gaining or losing weight, growing a beard, or had any body parts pierced or tattooed. He can see the same with me (except for the beard). That should not be too much of a hassle for him, right?!

OK, that’s the plan … letters, texting and Skype.  Boy, this is gonna be fun!!!

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