SOS March: Mizialko’s speech

Milwaukee’s Amy Mizialko, a veteran MPS district mentor, spoke today at the SOS March in Washington, D.C., alongside Diane Ravitch, Jonathan Kozol and Matt Damon.

The march, in support of public education, drew thousands of educators and supporters from around the country.

Here is the text of her speech:

Good afternoon. The last time I marched with thousands of public education supporters, it was a cold, February day in Madison, Wisconsin, after our governor moved to bankrupt public education in our state.

What I have learned in recent months is that when public education is under attack, good people everywhere fight back.

We are here today at the Save Our Schools Call to Action as a collective to say no more.

No more high stakes testing that punishes our students.

No more school closings in communities that need them the most.

No more corporations and billionaires trying to privatize our public schools.

And no more race to the bottom.

When I look out at the faces I see in Washington, D.C., today, I am reminded of the faces I saw in Madison, Wis., last winter. I see citizens united in solidarity in our resolve to fight for our students and their public schools.

The Wisconsin state motto is FORWARD. So, today I implore Congressman Miller, Secretary Duncan and President Obama to summon their courage and political will and join us as we go

Forward with increased funding for public schools.

Forward with real educator led public school reform.

Forward with rich curriculum including
music, art, physical education and technology for every, single child.

The resounding and continuing chant in Madison, Wis., is “Show me what democracy looks like.”

And that rings true today. This is what democracy looks like.


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