Sending back from SOS

Yesterday, I connected with Amy Mizialko and Judy Gundry, two MPS veterans, who work as district mentors and are on their way to the SOS March in Washington, D.C., this week.

Mizialko and Gundry will send back dispatches from the event, which I’ll post here in my blog.

Mizialko, as I wrote yesterday, is among the speakers at the national event.

“I am speaking as a rank and file teacher at the rally at The Ellipse on Saturday which begins at 12 p.m. Following the rally/speeches, we will march to the White House with our list of demands. I will have three minutes to speak and will share the stage with Diane Ravitch, Jonathan Kozol, Matt Damon and many others.”

Mizialko says she’s still working on her speech and will send a copy when it’s done. With her OK, I’ll post it here so you won’t miss out if you didn’t make it to Madison.

In addition to the march, Mizialko will co-lead a workshop during the trip out east.

“I will be at American University on Thursday and Friday with 800 registrants who have traveled here from across the U.S.,” says Mizialko. “My colleagues Amy Daroszeski and Judy Gundry will be joining me on Friday at our workshop which focuses on grassroots, rank and file teacher organizing.”

Mizialko says the event is an important one and that’s why she and her colleagues are making the trip.

“The fight for public education really is a life and death matter for the children of Milwaukee,” she says.

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