Yes, there IS good news at Bradley Tech

Just because you never hear good things about Bradley Tech High School in Walker’s Point doesn’t mean there isn’t any. Perhaps the key to hearing positive news about Tech is looking beyond Milwaukee. (That’s kind of a sad commentary, isn’t it?)

You could look at pages 30-33 of the latest issue of NYSE magazine – that’s the Second Quarter 2011 issue. There, you’ll find an article by Susan Caminiti about Rockwell Automation’s work to “achieve a greater competitive edge.”

Part of that work is Rockwell’s involvement with STEM teaching and Project Lead the Way at Vieau (across the street from Tech) and other Milwaukee Public Schools. Here’s the story I wrote about that in December.

Especially exciting for kids at Bradley Tech is Erin Patrice O’Brien’s full-page photo that accompanies the article.

The image, taken at the FIRST Robotics Competition at Bradley Tech, shows Rockwell CEO Keith Nosbusch with a group of Tech students.

You can read a bit more here about the team of kids from Tech and Rufus King who participated in this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition.

Though you rarely hear it from you state and local politicians and the local media, I say, good for you, Tech!

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