Time for Milwaukee to support MPS kids and teachers

Scott Walker is like the feudal magistrate who destroys the dam, floods the valley and then criticizes the villagers for not stockpiling enough sandbags.

Dealing with the aftermath of Walker’s horrific cuts has been devastating to our public schools and to the community. And teachers have been at the forefront of the struggle to stand up and reclaim our state.

But right now we have to do something to stop the flooding. Cuts in staffing have meant growing classroom sizes in MPS – and that’s putting our students’ success in jeopardy.

Leaders of the Milwaukee teachers union are campaigning for members to contribute to help reduce class sizes next year in Milwaukee Public Schools.

They are calling it the MPS Children’s Campaign.

The campaign is also poised to ask higher-paid MPS employees as well as community members and businesses in Milwaukee to contribute some of their wages or profits to a nonprofit district fund.

The MPS Children’s Campaign, as proposed by the MTEA leadership, offers support to our classrooms and calls upon the community to do its part to save our children’s future and counter the havoc of Walker’s racist policies.

After teaching in MPS for nearly two decades, I ran for the school board with the desire to serve Milwaukee’s children and communities. An ingredient of this task is supporting classroom teachers and the profession they represent. Like the teachers union, I want to avert a crisis and change education politics in this city.

I, as a School Board member, will donate at least one week of my pay and ask others to do the same and will work to ensure that every penny of the money raised will go directly to the classrooms.

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