SOS March update: Friday

Amy Mizialko dropped me a note today with an update on the SOS March in Washington, D.C. For some more background, read this posting and yesterday’s update, too.

Here’s what Amy had to say:

“Over 800 educators here for day two of the SOS workshop. Met a woman today who works with Voices for She is organizing postcards to Obama that say:

“Dear Pres. Obama, You are creating schools that you wouldn’t want your own children to attend. We want the same kind of schools for our children that you have chosen for your daughters: small classes with experienced, well-paid teachers, less standardized testing and a rich curriculum. Please invest in the schools where over 90 percent of American parents send their children: Public Schools.”


“Judy Gundry, Amy Daroszeski and I engaged with educators from New Mexico, Washington, British Columbia, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Madison, Wisconsin, Michigan.

“A lobbyist, administration and media joined us as we presented about rank and file teacher organizing to save public education. Please know that the support nationwide for Wisconsin is enormous and quite humbling. The nation is watching our fight, joining us in our fight and counting on us to NEVER give up. Thinking of every single MPS teacher and student right now. Remember: Anything is possible — Keep working hard — Be BRAVE.”

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