Parents’ Sound-off: Who hates homework more, you or your kid?

All school-aged kids have some form of homework. It starts out light — maybe just a reading log and the occasional worksheet — and it stokes up to to as much as an hour a night by the time the kid’s in grade school.

Some kids are prone to book work, and diligently study away at their mini desk, loving to learn. Other children hate homework, and would prefer to do just about anything else. Taking it a step further, some parents feels just as frustrated by the amount of homework their kid is assigned or the difficulty of the work.

Michael Reaser has a son, Jay, in third grade.

“I can’t even figure out the math homework anymore,” he says. “It’s not even that the concepts are too hard, but he’s learning in a way that’s totally different from how I learned.”

But what are your thoughts on your kids’ homework? Sound-off, Milwaukee parents, and let us know what you think.

I don’t mind my kid’s homework. I re-learn a lot of stuff that I forgot while helping my kid with his / her homework. I really don’t mind helping with homework at all. It’s part of being a parent, and everyone knows that the more a parent supports their kid’s education, the more successful they’ll be in the future.

I get frustrated by my kid’s homework. I think young kids have way too much homework, and often, now that my kid is a little older, I am not able to be that helpful. A lot of learning processes, particularly in the field of math, have changed. I feel like I am only confusing my kid trying to teach them the way I learned these concepts.

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