Kagel kids explore world cultures

Last week, MPS’ Albert Kagel School in Walker’s Point celebrated International Day and though I couldn’t make it down to check it out, I asked principal Nancy Martinez to send an update.

She tells me that the after-school event was a big success.

“More than 150 families attended the first annual International Day at Kagel Elementary last Thursday.”

She says the goal was to get students and their families thinking and learning about cultures around the world.

“Each classroom picked a country–  China, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Philippines, Egypt, Peru and India were represented – and prepared colorful displays. Students, teachers and parents worked really hard in preparing student-driven presentations on culture, food, and academic contributions to the world from their chosen country.

“There was great food, music and dancing. This event was proof that activities of this caliber are only possible when school work as a community involving parents, students and staff. We are so grateful to teachers, students and parents that made this event such a huge success.”

Congrats to the kids and families at Kagel!

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