Community vows to support public schools in face of attacks

Hundreds of parents, educators, students and community members will gather this Saturday at 9 a.m. at MATC in support of public schools and in opposition to proposed laws that would hand public schools over to private companies to operate.

State Representative Mandela Barnes will address the group and announce a bill to support community schools in Milwaukee – an alternative that lifts up students, families, and neighborhoods instead of punishing public schools in high poverty neighborhoods.

The Community Strategy Session to Save Public Schools, organized by Schools and Communities United and the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, will inform participants about budget and legislative proposals that would hand public schools over to private school operators and create school takeover zones in the city of Milwaukee.

Participants will also learn and practice skills to advocate for a high quality public education for all children.

What: Community Strategy Session to Save Public Schools

Who: Parents, students, educators, community members, legislators

When: Saturday, Februrary 7. Registration opens at 9 a.m., plenary begins at 9:30.

Where: MATC T Building Auditorium (corner of 6th and Highland)

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