A is for Awesome! A is for Amazing!

Isn’t it fascinating that comes “out of the mouths of babes” often conveys what adults should be thinking?

Students can sometimes be the very best advocates for the teaching profession. Here’s a few shout-outs to MPS teachers from none other than their appreciative students.

To my favorite teacher Ms. Cynthia Wilder you put the A in awesome. I appreciate you supporting me and helping me conquer my goals. You will forever be one of my favorite teachers.

More than a teacher.
Mr. David Coyle is one of the best teachers I’ve had throughout my high school years. He knows how to make the classroom interested in what he teaches. I’m always engaged and he has people wanting to participate. I always look forward to coming to history class. He picked very good topics to learn about this year. He not only taught us history but he helped us with other problems and you could tell he really cared. Whether it was about complaining about work, boys, or family problems he was there to listen and give his advice. When time came to take the IB tests he offered so much of his time to stay after school and have study sessions with the IB test takers. Knowing that he has a newborn baby at home we really appreciate it. Overall I had a great year in his classroom. You were a awesome teacher. (:

I appreciate Mrs. Carney (:
I appreciate the beautiful, amazing, funny Mrs. Carney! She’s an amazing teacher and she should always remember that she’s appreciated by all the students. We love her very much!

I would like to thank Miss K. for all her hard work and dedication.
I would like to thank Miss K. for all her hard work and dedication.  Days are hard and sometimes you don’t know if you can get through, but you keep plugging away and keep your students engaged to the best of your ability each and every day!  You are a friend, a mentor and the kids of room 209 are very lucky and blessed to have such a caring teacher.  Have a great Teacher Appreciation Week and maybe we can hit up Applebees on Tuesday if you can figure out who wrote this. :0)

Ms. Dolata and Mr. Glaeser are awesome! I could not have asked for better English teachers. I never knew English class could be so much fun. They did an excellent job on preparing us for our IB exams!

I am going to miss you guys!,
Diana Sixtos Senior 2013

 These testimonials were originally posted at the MPS Tumblr site at milwaukeemps.tumblr.com


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