MPS board has a busy night — green lights residency rule change

During a long meeting Thursday night, the Milwaukee Board of School Directors authorized a boost to starting teacher salary for new Milwaukee Public Schools teachers in a move to make the district more competitive as MPS seeks 700 new teachers for the upcoming school year.

New teachers and administrators will also have 24 months instead of the current 12 months to move into the City of Milwaukee if they’re coming into hard-to-fill positions (as defined by the State of Wisconsin). A third year to comply with residency would be an option in hardship cases.

The salary move raises starting pay to $41,000 from $37,721, making MPS more competitive with Milwaukee-area districts and other large urban school systems.

The Board also:

– Approved a charter and lease for The Banner School of Milwaukee, which would serve grades 6-8 in the currently vacant Happy Hill School building at 7171 W. Brown Deer Rd.

– Approved a charter for MTEC Environmental Science school, which would focus on environmental science, serving grades K4-5 in 2013-14 and eventually growing to serve middle- and high-school students. A site lease has not yet been approved.

– Approved a merger of Dover Street School and the Tippecanoe School for the Arts and Humanities in the former Fritsche Middle School building they have both shared for the past two years at 2969 S. Howell Ave., in Bay View. The merged school will be a K-8 with an integrated arts and humanities specialty.

– Approved the mutual termination of a charter contract with the under-enrolled Professional Learning Institute and the closure of the Milwaukee School of Entrepreneurship, which has been underperforming academically. Both schools will close in June.

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