How to Enroll in a Montessori School

Are you curious about Montessori education or have you been considering enrolling your child in one of Milwaukee Public Schools’ seven Montessori schools in Fall 2013? If so, consider touring one of the schools. A tour is a direct way to observe a Montessori classroom and to ask questions about the program or the school.

Each of the MPS Montessori schools follows the district’s Three Choice Enrollment process for K3 and K4 students. Enrollment begins February 2013, but at this time exact dates have not been determined. Children begin Montessori in K3 and K4.  Children K5 and older with no Montessori experience may not be accepted into the program.

The Three Choice Enrollment process begins with filling out an application online or at a school during the enrollment period.  Typically this is a three week window of time in January or February. While applications can be done online or on paper, it is recommended you turn in a paper application at the school of your first choice of the MPS Montessori schools. The application must be accompanied by the student’s birth certificate to prove age, an official bill showing home address to prove residency, and immunization records.  The birthday cut-off is September 1st. If you are enrolling a child into K3, that child must be 3 years old by September 1st.

If more applications are received at a school then seats available, then a computer lottery determines placement and wait list numbers.  Preference is given to MPS siblings at all schools.  Some of the Montessori schools have a preference for those who live in a one mile walk-zone around the school. You will be notified of school acceptance usually within one month after the enrollment period ends.

Transportation by school bus is available to those who live withing between one and five miles from the school.  Those living less one mile from the school are in the walk-zone and not eligible for the school bus.

Open Enrollment is a statewide program that allows people to apply for available seats in another district.  This is a program for those of you living outside of MPS.  The Open Enrollment period begins after the Three Choice Enrollment period closes.  The application needs to be completed through Central Services.  If you live outside the district and have a specific school in mind, then I recommend you contact the principal of that school to determine if there any available seats.  You should also be aware that no transportation is provided to those who live outside the district.

Chapter 220 is a program to facilitate racial integration.  This process is done in the district in which you reside, in this case outside of MPS.  The enrollment time period for this program is the same as the Three Choice Enrollment period.  Again, contact the principle of your school of choice to determine availability.

The seven Montessori schools in the Milwaukee Public Schools district are:

Craig Montessori located at 7667 W Congress Street. (414-393-4200)

Fernwood Montessori located at 3239 S Pennsylvania Ave. (414-294-1300)

Kosciuszko School located at 971 W Windlake Ave. (414-902-7200)

MacDowell Montessori located at 6415 W Mt. Vernon Ave. (414-935-1400)

Maryland Avenue Montessori located at 2418 N Maryland Ave. (414-906-4800)

Lloyd Barbee Montessori located at 4456 N Teutonia Ave. (414-874-5600)

Howard Avenue Montessori located at 357 E Howard Ave (414-935-0700)

In addition to these seven schools there are two more options.  Highland Community School is located at 1706 W Highland and the phone number is (414) 342-1412. Downtown Montessori Academy is located at 2507 S Graham Street and the contact number is (414) 744-6005.  These are both charter Montessori schools and have a similar application process and timeline.

Please visit each school’s website to learn more.  If you have any other questions or have comments, please don’t hesitate to share those below.

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  1. Sherice Yvette says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I live in NYC but have a niece that is very bright and is currently in a school that is not conducive to her learning capabilities. I would love to speak to you more about enrollment if you are open to it. Is there any exception to the rules of enrollment past K4? I really think that she would benefit like I did through the Montessori style of teaching. What if she was tested or somehow transitioned into the curriculum? Please let me know asap as I am anxious to know if there’s a way to make this happen for her. I appreciate your time in reading this and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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