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Parents, staff create success at Highland Community School

The Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) get a lot of negative buzz — some of which is warranted, and some of which is not. In any case, it’s refreshing to hear about a local public school that’s truly doing its job. Started in 1968, Highland Community School, 3030 W. Highland Blvd., is a parent-run, Montessori, charter […]

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Local families choose homeschooling

The object of admiration, suspicion or even derision, homeschoolers  — like all families — are not easily categorized. There are nearly 20,000 home-schooled kids in the state, and each family has its own unique set of circumstances as to why they opt out of the system. On a recent morning, Margie Flood and her three […]

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Do Milwaukee kids still walk alone to school?

Recently, someone asked me when my kids would walk to school alone. We only live three blocks from our elementary school, but the answer is still never. One reason is because we don’t have crossing guards in my neck of the ‘hood, I mean woods, and I also have general safety concerns. Don’t get me […]

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